Hi all I have been given a date for neck and full body scans on 4th September, and a Ultra Sound Biopsy on the 14th of September.

My quandry is, that I am told that I could have either Lymphoma or a separate Tumour near my parotid gland. This was where I had two benign tumours taken out in 1974, and 1984, the last being treated with Radium.

I have facial palsy, (Not Bells Palsy) which has been ruled out, which effects my speech, eyes, and question is, could Lymphoma be the cause of my Palsy

Any views or information would be very much appreciated.

Regards Ron

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Hi @Vindicatrix.
I can’t give you a medical opinion as I don’t know much about Bella Palsy.
What I can share is that I when I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, I had a a tumour in my parotid gland which was affecting the nerves near my eye as it grew - that’s the only reason they removed it otherwise it would have still been watch and wait.
I was wondering what your medical team thought about the Bells Palsy?


Good Question @Vindicatrix but unless someone can share their experiences I think it is one for someone that knows you medically.
I am glad that you have 2 dates to work towards for tests, but if you are anything like me the waiting is horrible.
Really look after yourself and please do let us know how you get on

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Hi Nichola, Bells Palsy has been ruled out, which was the reason the ENT man had an MRI Scan ordered. He had told me the MRI would confirm either way.

He had doubts about the Bells Palsy in the first place, so I was lucky he did the scan, or I would never have known about the tumour.

All the best. Ron


Hi @Vindicatrix good news that the Bells Palsy has been ruled out, not so good news about the tumour though.
Take lots of special care of yourself and please keep posting how you are doing.

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