The Bells Palsy that never was

Hi All, it has been a busy week or two. The 10 day steroid treatment for Bells Palsy did not work I was sent to an ENT man, who, because of my complicated neck history, sent me for an MRI.

They have found a very small, tumour, lower facial, on the move, towards my skull base. The Multi Discipline Team (MDT )are looking at how they are going to deal with this.

I was told that it was being treated as urgent, and expected a date for the Ultra Sound Biopsy sooner than later.

I was also told that it was rather a complicated Biopsy, and that the local NHS Radiology Team were deciding if they were capable of doing it.

The ENT man said that if not, he was sending me to a specialist team in Edinburgh…

The tumour is in a pretty inaccessible area, and is Major Op, stuff. In any event he told me that I would not be suitable for such an Operation, due to my age, complicated neck history.

He also said that they were looking at two reasons for the tumour. 1) That it was a Lymphoma’, and if so, would be treated conventionally.
2) It is a new tumour, possibly related two previous benign mixed parotid tunours taken out in 1974, and 1984, respectively. The last being treated, at the Marsden with 6 weeks of Radium. treatment.

I’m beginning to think that the Biopsy may be too complicated, and wonder what options that would leave them.

I have spoken to my GP with whom I have had really good and very regular, relationship with, over the past 12 years.

She knows that I am a ‘Worst Case Scenario’ type of person, and that I do not want any sugar coating. I know some, people would rather not know all the details, and I fully understand and respect that.

So she as usual gave it to me straight, and the Worst Case’ scenario is very grim. I could tell more from what she did not say, than what she did say. When I came to the crucial and oft used question, and asked how long we were talking about, she said, it won’t be that quick, but did not elaborate.

However I am hoping for the Lymphoma route, and treatment, and will deal with ‘Wort Case’ once I know.

Has anyone had similar experiences, or has knowledge regarding my specific problem. Any info would be very gratefully received, I can assure you. Even ‘Worst Case’ :smiley:

I hope you are all managing the usual ups and downs, and are having some good quality of life experiences.

All the very best. Ron


Gosh @Vindicatrix you have had a lot going on
It must be an anxious time for you.
I am glad that you have such a good relationship with your GP and you can have an honest conversation with her.
I hope others will be able to share similar experiences.
Perhaps don’t make a decision until it feels right for you.
Please do let us know how you get on and really look after yourself.


Thanks Erica, as always you provide welcome assurance, and support.

My bottle is still half full, the level sometimes dips a little, but soon fill up.

I hope you are faring well yourself.

All the best. Ron

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Wow @Vindicatrix. As @Erica said, you have so much going on!
It’s great to hear your medical team are on top of things. However, I completely get the worst case scenario as it’s where I always go!
Be thinking of you and please keep us updated on you are doing. We all have a dip in positivity sometimes but we are all here to listen.
Take good care of yourself x

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That was very nice of you, Nicola, and to meet a fellow ‘Worst Caser’ is heart warming, I’m hoping others of a like mind reveal themselves too…

However, I fear that there will not be too many coming forward, as it is a very personal, and sensitive area.

I totally understand and respect that, It’s ‘Horses for Courses’ but I have always followed this strategy, as I personally, feel more in control, when I know the full picture.

At the end of the day it is we, who have the final decision on the path we tread, and how we tread it. : :smiley:

Hope you are having a 'Well; period, all the best. Ron