Managing lymphoma alone at work

My name is Becky,this is my first post after introducing myself yesterday. I was diagnosed stage 4,feb 2016. Getting your head around the aspect of being at stage 4,and missing 1,2,3 were scary, I’d never had a pain or ache or felt ill in any way,ate healthily, did exercise, if it wasnt for a sudden sharp pain in my armpit one night that i immediately rubbed i wouldn’t of still found the lump. My consultant said my bloods were good,spleen,liver,kidneys functioning normally,and he said we will hold off treatment to such a time when its beneficial,also adding it was treatable but incurable presently because its a relatively new one. Strong chem and stem cell transplant will be harsh and doing it now would mean it would eventually come back faster and stronger next time,giving me probably 5yrs with as his expression was " damping it down. I went home in a daze,but over the weeks and mths that followed i filled my life with my hobbies, we went to New York last yr while i could, we’ve retaken our vows in June, i want to make lots of happy memories for my husband to remember,its not about me,i think positively and remain a warrior, we have tough times ahead but we’ll face each day as it comes,my tip is to put everything in imaginary boxes,you have a ct scan ,its done,move on to the next one,it certainly all in all has clarified what is important and what is not,i used to worry about every single thing,now they seem trivial in comparison. Im always here to chat,and I’ll always answer what i can. X


Hi Becky, thanks so much for posting introducing yourself. I remember being in a daze and the shock at my diagnosis and it took a long, long while for that shock and anxiety to subside. I even compiled the music to be played at my funeral and I am still here 14 yrs later !!! I still get a yukky feeling in my stomach every time I have a medical appointment. I went through life on auto pilot before my diagnosis and now as you say most things seem trivial now and the most important things in life are having fun and treats and spending time with friends and family that are special to me, the best things in life are free. Take care and keep posting as I am sure so many people will relate to them.

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