My medical record MGUS

Just had the latest blood test and phone call from the haematologist, all seems ok, but have gone back on 3, monthly blood tests. I always steal myself to ask questions but one I hear that it’s all the same I just take that as good news and don’t ask anything else. This time I was asked if I would like to be registered for my medical record. Everything goes on line, my blood results will go on once the haematologist has seen them and marked them, if they want me to have any further tests it will all go online for me. I can also write any questions or concerns and it will go straight to them. Unlike the normal NHS app, this is just between them and myself. I noticed my numbers crept up last year but seem to have stayed the same since. I really like this idea and stops me having to wait all day for the dreaded phone call.


Hi @Hussyhemlock great to hear from you again.
Modern technology, eh.
Quite a few people on here have signed up to it it and might share their experiences.
I am glad you like this idea and get the feeling that you really looked into it and think it it is working for you.
There is nothing worse than waiting for that dreaded phone call.
Look after yourself and thanks so much for posting this thread, very thought provoking and perhaps the way of the future.

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