Myeloma and now Myelodysplastic syndrome

Hi everybody 2020 my husband was given the news he had myeloma aged 56 he had the chemo and stem cell transplant and everything was going ok yes regular blood yest bone infusions but life was good then he caught covid from we feel going to Drs to get covid jab a few days and to be honest he was over it a few months later very poorly 8 weeks in bed apparently long covid immune system kept getting worse and worse inintially thought maintenance drug the cause after a long few months in and out of hospital another bone marrow biopsy and given the news treatment related Myelodysplastic syndrome his in hospital at mo as body has produced a vurus again so plan in place chemo at lincoln hospital for a month the Nottingham hospital for few months after a donor stem cell procedure hopefully his sister has anyone else had this awful diagnosis hubby coping well im not worried sick didnt expect this :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi @Sas1961 I have not got the same diagnosis, but there is quite a lot of information under Myeloma on the Blood Cancer UK website Blood cancer types explained | Blood Cancer UK.
You are obviously a great support for your husband, and it must be so hard not being able to make your husband better.
Being a family member is one of the hardest roles in the world, trying to keep everything running smoothly, often nobody asks how you are. It must be so exhausting.
Look after yourselves and if you would to speak to someone the Blood Cancer Support line is there for you. Blood Cancer UK Support Services - Welcome to the Blood Cancer UK Forum - Blood Cancer UK Forum


Hi @Sas1961
You may find this link helpful. Myeloma Uk provide local support services. Might be worth checking them out. It is helpful often to chat with others in the same situation.

And like @Erica said You can call the blood cancer uk helpline free on (tel:0808 2080 888) to speak to a member of the cancer support team in confidence.
The phone lines are open:

  • Monday: 10am–7pm
  • Tuesday to Friday: 10am–4pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: 10am–1pm
    Do look after yourself I’m sure many others on the forum will have lots of helpful hints and tips to share.

Hi @Sas1961 I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through what sounds like such a tough and worrying time. What a shock this must have been for you and your husband.
It’s good to hear your husband’s treating team have a plan in place, we have everything crossed the treatments go as well as they can for him. Is there any information at this point in time that we can send you which might be of any help? Also, if you want to book in a phone call in with one of our Nurse Advisors here, you’d be very welcome. Just send us an email at or send us a direct message on here (just click on my name and there’s a red box saying message).

Do you mind me asking if you have much support around you? In case any of the information can be helpful to you at all, we have a section on our website for loved ones of those with blood cancer - My friend or family member has blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK.