New to the forum but clueless as to navigating this site. Trying to talk to Erica but putting this down here in case My attempt to contact her has been lost. Sorry all for the confusion. Here is my story

Hi Erica, I apologise but I’m having extreme difficulty in navigating the site (mea culpa), so I hope this reaches you in an appropriate context / forum.

I contacted you recently (I’m the bloke living in Spain).Anyway, following a UTI & blood in the urine, I visited the A&E over here. The White Blood Cell count was not good (72.% Lymphocytes). Hence referral to Haemotology.

I am currently being treated for the UTI (which is proving stubborn to cure) & on antibiotics.

I was referred to the Haematologist who I saw on Thursday.

To cut a long story short I have been diagnosed as having what I now know to be CLL
(Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia).

He was a very chipper bloke who said ‘don’t worry be happy’ when I asked about life expectancy. He then said he regarded me as ‘Stage Zero’ with a follow-up in six months (symptoms: slightly enlarged lymph nodes to the neck, moderate & occasional night sweats, slight,
occasional fatigue). He said for all he knew I could be at stage zero for thirty years so consequently no treatment is currently required.

Am I being paranoid in thinking I’ve been written-off?

Where are the main centres for this disease in the UK? Or is there no point in pursuing treatment if there is no ‘cure’?

I’m sorry to burden you.

Please put this into a general forum if you think my experience / contribution may be of use to others or that much more knowledgeable folk than I may be able to ‘put me straight’ on my concerns and anxieties.

Sorry for the length & detail and in anticipation many thanks for any words of wisdom / insights / advice.


Hi @geoff674, you found me and you are doing fine, I am useless navigating this forum.
I have moved your post and my reply to ‘Just been diagnosed with CLL’ post thread.

@geoff674 don’t worry at all, it takes a while to get used to the forum and how it all works! Here’s the link to your conversation with Erica :slight_smile: Just been diagnosed with CLL

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