Newly Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Hi, I got my biopsy results last week and have HL. Awaiting for Petscan to stage and then will get treatment plan. It seems that it may be a few weeks to have scan and get results (I had a CT scan last month and it seemed good). I’m anxious about the waiting. How quickly will I start my chemotherapy after getting scan results? Keen to get on with it all.


Hi @Konstance I will reply to your other post

Hi @Konstance, I have also replied to your other post. Take care Gemma

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From Pet scan to starting Chemo was about 3+ weeks for me, good luck on the journey :+1::dancer:

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Thanks Eddie. There was a slight delay with my consultant obtaining my scan results. Got them on Friday, Stage 2. Everyone is now in progress to get my chemo started, which hopefully will be soon.

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Hi @Eddie welcome to our forum and you have already shown a value of it by sharing your experience.
I really look forward to hearing more about you.
Look after yourself