NK devellopments - useful in blood cancers?

I couldn’t find a ‘Research’ topic (which I guess my question would come under); so apologies if this doesn’t belong in ‘General Chat’. I saw this article and wondered whether it’s of any interest to the likes of us. Supplementary question: have Natural Killers got anything to do with apoptosis? :thinking:


@BobK99 you can post anywhere you like, thanks for this article I will read it later.
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Interesting question and article @BobK99. I had a quick word about this with our research team who said that, ultimately yes, it could in the future be relevant to blood cancer patients, but this treatment is still highly experimental and the trial is at an early stages so there’s still a lot more questions to be answered. And re your supplementary question, apoptosis means ‘cell death’, and natural killer cells can cause cells to die, so yes they’re related. In case you want to take a look there’s some more info on ‘natural killer’ cells here: Natural Killer Cells | British Society for Immunology