Not sure if SCT is the correct decision

5 months on, and I was still undecided in spite of such useful feedback.
No decision to be though - I was told a week ago that I’ve progressed from MF into Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). I’m now in hospital having my first round of chemo to try and reverse the effect sufficiently for me to go ahead with a transplant in the spring.
Sometimes the decision is made for you !
As I’m ( currently ) mobile and pain-free, has anyone any advice on the best things I can do to minimise side-effects? I’m going to be permanently in-hospital over Christmas and into mid-January…


Oh @GingGing isn’t it weird that decisions are sometimes made for us.
Sorry to hear you are now in hospital having treatment and will be to mid January.
Glad that you are currently mobile and pain free.
I know these thoughts of mine are not easy when you are having treatment in hospital but perhaps try and eat as healthily as you can, drink plenty of water and keep as mobile as you can, as I said not easy.
We will be about over the festive season so please do keep posting.
Look after and be kind to yourself.

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  • I appreciate your contact. I’m lucky enough to have a super-attentive husband and our home is only 20 mins away from the hospital. We’ve abandoned our plan to be away over Christmas along with celebrating his 70th birthday 2 days later… but it will give me something to plan for when I’m well again !

Oh @GingGing what a bonus that your hospital is only 20 mins away.
Yes, you can celebrate any occasion, whenever you want and I found it is rather nice to spread the celebrations out.
My birthday is early January, so I know.
Your husband will be 70yrs old for a whole year.
It is also rather nice to be able to celebrate during the summer when the weather might be better.
If it is OK for royalty to have 2 birthdays, it is OK for your super-attentive husband.
Look after yourselves now, that is the main thing and please do keep posting.

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I hope you’re doing ok, @GingGing? X

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Hi there

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis ( I too have Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) )
Being stuck in hospital at any time isn’t ideal but over the festive season is horrible.
I was in throughout Christmas 22 and got home on New Years Eve.
I was also in this Christmas but had a weekend pass to get home and back in on Boxing Day.
I developed an infection , to be honest I felt fine.

Anyway in regards to your question , everyone reacts completely differently to chemo. I think the fact that you are keeping yourself mobile is great. I used to walk up and down the ward and if weather permitted I’d go a walk round the hospital grounds.

My partner like your husband , is totally supportive, I am so lucky. He is always there.

You may be lucky and not really feel any side effects of the treatment but if you do , the nursing and medical team are usually right there to help.
Look after yourself and try to keep mobile, of course remember , if you don’t feel :100: some days then by all means take all the rest you need. Then get back on the move when you feel like it.
Take care and best wishes x x