Hi Everyone

Omeprazole…any of you use it ?

I am on a Daily dose of Hydroxycarbomide and Asprin…for ET.

While in hospital i was given a lot of Omezapole while having a blood transfusions …it helped with my stomach alot when my HB levels were low and i had severe Anemia

Currently am taking just about two tablets a week and to be honest my results suggest that along with my other stuff its doing a decent job

My Specialist seems a little uncertain on whether its good or not but does not seem keen for me to stop taking it…so i havnt

I am not worried or stressing i was just wondering if any of you other folk have had similar situations regarding Omezaprole


Hi @Leefer

Thank you for dropping in. In answer to your question. Yes I have been on this drug for many years as I am on an awful lot of medication for different health reasons. I was also diagnosed with ET/myelofibrosis last December. Omeprazole really is a good drug at protecting the stomach lining & over production of acid which if left untreated can become troublesome with uncomfortable reflux & stomach ulcers. So in my experience I’m grateful to be on this medication I hope this helps & glad to hear you are not stressing about another tablet to take. Warm wishes :cherry_blossom:


One more thing I would suggest having the use of the drug reviewed by your GP as the dose your taking doesn’t sound quite how mine is used. It’s normally used on a daily basis. So please reach out to get it checked so that you are gaining full use. :cherry_blossom:


Hi @Leefer
@JoJoflowergirl has given you some great information. I too take omerapazole and like Jo take it daily. I have been taking it since before my treatment as my initial symptoms were indigestion. However since my treatment I have continued to be prescribed it ,as it really does provide protection to your stomach and oesophagus from damage that may be caused by side effects through some of our various treatments.
My husband has to take it for a different reason he has Barrett syndrome where the lining of his oesophagus is damaged and omerapazole protects it from the acids that would otherwise cause damage.
If you have questions about your dosage check in with your GP team.
Hope you are keeping well. Jules


Thanks very much that is interesting

Sometimes you just need confirmation about certain things and you have done just that

Thanks again and all the best.


I have taken Lanzoprazole for gastris for a few years

Each time I go into hospital for Chemo sickness the doctors change it to omeprazole twice a day.

I find it doesn’t work as well as Lanzoprazole
I’m on 30mg daily


Hi Jules thanks for your reply.

I will make sure i start taking it properly again

All the best to you.


Interesting…thanks i have never had Lanzoprazole

Wishing you all the best


Hi @Leefer I too have been on daily Omeprazole for many years as I am on daily pain killers for my osteoporosis.
As @JoJoflowergirl @Jules @2DB have said it protects the stomach lining and other organs from other medications or side effects we might be taking or having.
Personally, I have had no side effects from it.
Look after yourselves


Thanks Erica

I remember when i first started taking it daily when i first got ill and my legs were itching like mad

I thought it was Omeprazole as this was all i was taking then.

Obviously it was other stuff going on causing the itching.

Thanks again for your reply.


Hi Leefer
I too take Hydroxycarbamide and omeprazole and painkillers. In all 16 pills a day, 8 in the morning and 8 at night. My GP prescribed it despite the the message on the Medical Center website warning of the dangers of taking Omeprazole.

However I always take my medication whilst eating a meal unless that is contraindicated. I find that helps to protect my stomach, but it does rather ruin my enjoyment of the meal. Marylin


Thanks Marylin…very interesting.

Look after yourself


I have been taking this for years for heart burn prior to my cancer diagnosis . My understanding is it protects the stomach against acid and from multiple medications stripping away at the oesophagus . I take one a day .


i too have been taking Omepazrole for almost a year. I used to suffer terribly with heartburn and since I started taking this medication, my heartburn has stopped completly, magic!! I wish I had known about it sooner.


Hi. Omeprazole and other drugs in this family are Proton Pump Inhibitors. They reduce the amount of acid that the stomach produces. This can help protect the stomach lining and control acid reflux.


Hi Leefer - I’m on it daily but not because of ET and the Hydroxycarbamide tablets i take daily - i am on Clopidogrel though and not aspirin as kinder on the stomach - I take Omprazole because i take anti-inflammatories daily since I had a bad reaction to my 2nd covid jab which seems to have kicked off some kind of auto-immune disease affecting my joints - but i am fit and well 8yrs on from my initial diagnosis of JAK2 ET - At first i was reluctant to take tablets every day for the rest of my life but its keeping me fit and well so i can continue my activities like walking etc and at 70 I’ll take that - hope you continue to feel well yourself


Morning. Hope you are doing ok? I have been taking omeprazole too for several years and it does help


Very interesting thanks.

Every post like this makes me feel more positive…not that i dont usually but we all have our moments i guess

All the best


Hi Therese

Doing good…its the lack of energy that did me at first…was flying around like i used to.

Hope you are doing ok.


Hi I took omeprazole for many years pre WG diagnosis. However a word of caution. During my treatment it was found I had magnesium difficiency and I regularly got infusions to top up. Post treatment they tried all sorts of supplements non seemed to get it to the required level. If you read the notes it’s evident that the cause can be omeprezole when I suggested this I stopped the Omeprezole surprise levels when’t up and stayed near the norm. Like all drugs regular review is needed all can have side effects if you don’t need it don’t just keep taking it, your stomach will tell you :sweat_smile: