Platelets and appointments

Hi Maureen,
I will be looking out to see how you get on at your next appointment. My next appointment is on 22nd February - it has been put back a week, but my daughter will be here to go with me. The team are always happy when she is with me.
Lots of love to you Kate xx

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@KateS I will copy your post to @Maureen31 for you.
Please do let us know how your appointment goes on 22 Feb
Look after yourself

Thank you so much Erica. Iā€™m not sure if l reply to messages in the right/wrong place. Or should l
put in @KateS in my reply???
Either way if you can see this message Kate good luck for you appointment I will be thinking of you xxx

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Oh @Maureen31 you are doing just fine and @KateS will see your reply.
Look after yourself