Polycythemia and hypercalcemia

Just a question, has anyone else with Polycythemia also got Hypercalemia and if so what treatment if any? My bloods are now showing high calcium levels and the hospital is monitoring for the moment. I was signed off work as the fatigue and brain fog were too much. Feeling much more myself today so fingers crossed I will be back to work on Monday.


Hi @Liz59 I cannot help on the medical side, but I wanted to say my fingers and toes are crossed for you going back to work on Monday. Take it steady and be kind to yourself.
Please do let us know how it goes.

Erica thank you for your reply and kindness


Erica well it didn’t last long the next day asthma kicked off triggered by a cold. Hospital rang and while platelets going down, haemaglobin and neutrophils going up. Neutrophils high is new. So my hydrea is being increased. My family and friends have for a long time been suggesting early retirement , as a result of my severe asthma long before I got polycythemia. So I have booked an appointment with my GP on Monday, they have treated me for 26 years so know me well to discuss if retirement is for the best. I am already struggling with the fatigue from the hydrea and I am unsure how it will be on the higher dose. My job is quite physical and starts at 7.30 am. Before diagnosis I went down to working a four day week as it was becoming difficult. I will let you know what the final decision is. Question for anyone who took early retirement. Do you feel it was the right decision. I would be applying for social welfare. I had to manage on illness benefit for a year as I was classed as very high risk during covid and my job can not be done from home. It is manageable as long as you are carefull. Sorry post is so long.

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Oh @Liz59 sorry to hear that your asthma kicked off.
Good idea to discuss your situation with you GP.
Perhaps it is worth then talking to the Citizens Advice/union/Occupational Health/Insurance etc, as applicable.
I always believe in knowing what my options and rights are.
Please do let us know how you get on and what you decide.
Look after yourself it sounds as if you have been going through it health wise.

Erica I have been to the GP. I have been given a sick cert for a month. I am applying for an invalidity pension which if I qualify for I will get it until I can get a normal pension. It takes time for the application to be processed but the GP said he will back me up. I have informed work about sick cert and the possibility that I might not be returning. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I hope you look after yourself too.

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It seems as if you have got the wheels in motion and it is great that your GP is backing you up @Liz59
Please do let us know how it is working out for you, be very kind to yourself as I find trying to apply, organise and fill in forms etc is exhausting and gets all too much for me sometimes.

Erica yes I also find filling out forms exhausting. I get my children to help me as they can be confusing.

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