Possible blood cancer


My husband is 72 years old and has emphysema and other health conditions. A couple of months ago he developed cellulitis and swelling in his left leg. He started antibiotics, after antibiotics and the swelling and the redness has not gone away. He has also had his hand swell up and his hand had one long bruise in the palm (he did not knock it or bash it on something) and then bruising on his wrist. He also said that his bones and joints hurt in his hand. His doctor was baffled. The hospital said they could not give him any more antibiotics but did say it was a severe infections.

My husband has now got unexplained weight loss. He has lost a lot of weight, even though he is eating - not like he used to as his appetite has gone down which is very much unlike him. His doctor said his priority is to get his leg sorted first and then his stomach but sent him for a blood test.

The day after his blood test we get a phone call saying he has unexplained anaemia and they think he is bleeding somewhere internally or it is something else. This is because when the hospital did their blood tests his haemoglobin levels where 135 and now they are 128 and it had gone down at a fast rate. The doctor said his levels should be between 130 and 170. My husband has to have another blood test tomorrow to see if it has gone down further, to see if he has an infection still in his leg and to look at everything. The doctor has said his bloods is now a priority rather than his leg.

My husband is in a lot of pain in his leg, he is fatigued, losing weight has really bad heartburn and indentation everytime he eats and keeps going hot and cold. We are worried. Thank you for reading this.

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Hi @Fosse01, a very warm welcome to the forum and thank you for posting. It sounds as though it’s been a really difficult time for you and your husband, and I’m so sorry to hear this. It must indeed be very worrying for you when he is feeling so poorly and you are unsure why. It’s so normal to be feeling worried at a time like this and I’m wondering whether you have support? Might you find it helpful to talk things over with a member of our Support Team? We have a support line that you’re very welcome to call if so (0808 2080 888).

I wonder whether your GP has organised further tests or made any referrals for your husband at this stage? In case it’s helpful, our website has information on the signs and symptoms of blood cancer as well as tests that can be done to work out whether someone has blood cancer or not. I share these in case the information can help facilitate a conversation with your doctor about your concerns and next steps as it’s so important to find the cause of new/concerning symptoms.

Please do let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you, and do take care of yourself.

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Thank you for your reply, and thank you for the links as these will be helpful when we speak to the doctor. Yes his doctor has arranged another blood test as soon as possible which will be tomorrow, to see if his haemoglobin levels were a one off and whether there is any infection in the leg as well.

It is worrying but trying to be positive as well.


A great big welcome, I can really feel the anxiety and worry in your post. @Fosse01
I am glad that your husband is currently having tests done.
It is so difficult as symptoms can mean so many things and we are all unique special people with individual medical histories.
In the meantime you and your husband might find it helpful to write down all his symptoms and a list of questions you want to ask at the next appointment.
@TanyaBloodCancerUK has given you a brilliant response.
Perhaps if you are googling it might only add to your anxieties.
I was diagnosed with a blood cancer 18 yrs ago and I am still here.
Take care and be kind to yourselves and please let us know how you get on.


Both @TanyaBloodCancerUK and @Erica 's advice to you is great @Fosse01 but suffice to say that anytime you need to offload there’ll be some of us here to listen. It’s obvious how worried you are but once you know what you are dealing with then you can make a plan for how to go forward with your medical team. I hope that you can find some answers. Do let us know what happens.


Hi @Fosse01 I have been thinking of you and I wondered how you are doing now?
Look after yourself