Potential diagnosis for my 18 year old son

My son just had blood work done is this concerning?

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Hi @Kelsg a great big welcome and sorry you have had to join us.
You are obviously such a caring, but naturally a very concerned mum.
The question you ask is one for whoever ordered his tests because a lot of things, not just blood work are taken into account when making any diagnosis.
A technical matter is at 18 yrs your son is actually deemed an adult so it is up to him how much you can assist him with medical matters. Hopefully you can go with him and help him with questions to ask.
I find writing down everything I want to ask before appointments helps.
The Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you if you would like to talk to someone on 0808 888 2080.
The main thing is that you both look after yourselves and for you to keep communicating, even on an emotional level if he will let you, non knowing and waiting is absolutely scary and horrible.
Please let us know how you get on.


Hi @Kelsg
I used to worry myself silly taking photos of forms and screens and trying to interpret what my bloods meant. My consultant was always really helpful in explaining them to me and I found they were always the best point of call. My own interpretation was never accurate or even near to close to being and often the bloods have to be read alongside a whole stream of other readings or in conjunction with another result to mean anything.
What is normal for me was irregular for the person sat next to me also , so I would always recommend that your son speaks with his medical team and asks them to explain what all the numbers mean and what the significance of them are to him.
Hope this helps do keep us informed how you both are :slight_smile:


Hi @Kelsg,
I hope you are doing okay today? I am pleased you got in touch.
Do know that should you wish to talk anything through our support service team have a helpline which is open 7 days- Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK.
Interpreting bloods results can be a very complex and difficult thing to do as a loved one who is worried. often a diagnosis is concluded when symptoms, blood results and other diagnostic tests are completed.
Can i ask, has your son been referred to a haematology team at all?
In case it is helpful in any way our webpage here offers information on what tests may be carried our if you are worried about blood cancer- Blood cancer tests | Blood Cancer UK.

Take Care, Lauran


Hi. If I can offer 1 thing from my experience it is don’t google what thise blood results mean. You will only find the worst possible options and not the most likely. Once you both get the diagnosis I fully endorse this site. If you want alternatives therebus also Health Umlocked which has an MPN forum which balanced and informative.
I hope its all a storm in a tea cup for you both.

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