High kappa chain, no paraprotein, can anyone relate?


Nearly 2 years ago I had some blood tests ordered by accident by my GP.

They discovered that I have an abnormal light chain ratio due to a high kappa chain. I have been referred to haematologist, who is a lovely, patient chap who says that I have a mild hypogammaglobulina and that he thinks my condition is extremely unlikely to progress to anything.

I’m worried because my kappa chain has gone up a little between tests, it was 77mg/L and is now 90mg/L. My ratio in now just under 11. My haematologist has described this rise as “bugger all” and remains unconcerned. He has said that he is willing to do a bone marrow biopsy for my piece of mind as I’ve had a really tough time with my mental health over all this.

Can anyone relate to this in any way?



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Hi @Steve78 and welcome to the forum. I’m really sorry that I can’t help with the questions regarding your condition. There may be somebody else who can share their experiences.
However, I can understand the mental struggle that you describe and the fear that things are progressing.
Remember, the support line is there if you need them.
Please keep us updated on how you are doing😊

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Hi @Steve78 a welcome to our forum and I am so glad that you have found us, you are not alone now. We all support each other on here.
Unfortunately your question is too technical for me.
However your haematologist seems a down to earth guy and you seem to have a honest relationship with him.
What I can relate to is having a tough time emotionally. You have received a real, out of the blue, shock, isolating diagnosis and you have entered a parallel universe that speaks a new medical language, with not definite solutions.
I hope others can help more and if you would like to talk to someone the Blood Cancer UK support line details are above.
Please keep posting as I would like to hear more about you. Look after yourself.

Hi @Steve78, thank you for joining the Blood Cancer UK Forum. We really understand that any change in your results can cause anxiety. Can I ask how often you see your Haematologist and have your bloods taken? Do you have a contact within the Haematology team like a Clinical Nurse Specialist that you could discuss this further with as this may help? In terms of the change in numbers I would take reassurance from the Consultant but if you do need further detail then a Bone Marrow Test my help you if it has been offered. Have you had a Bone Marrow test previously? If not, there is information on our web pages: https://bit.ly/3BIe0nL. We would be happy to talk through things with you on the Support Services phone line: Blood cancer support | Blood Cancer UK. I do hope this helps and take care. Gemma