LIght chains just keep on rising!

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        I hope someone can help, i have had a set of blood tests back and my free light chains kappa iga are still rising and now they have jumped from 39.8 to 42.6 , my doctor doesn't seem worried but has ordered my next blood tests in 6 months time instead of a years time like usual, he said it was because of the unusal symptoms along with the rising free light chains need to keep an eye on me. ok so i don't no what to think should i be worried or not? i dont even no if my doctor is a very good one or not, i think i'm going mad i'm the only one worried no one else even my family....
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Hi @chelle151, I do not know anything about blood tests, but I do know the feeling of anxiety when I get the results and something has gone up or down and I do not think you are going made at all.
You could always just contact your doctor again and explain how you are feeling and could they just talk though their decision.
I also know what it is like having none of my family understanding my worry and anxiety. I find it a very isolated place. Perhaps that is why I value this forum so much because it is the one place that I know others will understand how I feel.
How are you feeling about going into lockdown again, I think we might need to support each other through it, take care.

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Hope this helps :wink: (I wonder what causes this: perhaps it’s something to do with smartphones)

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