MGUS m spike increase

It’s been three years since last posted. Luckily back then I was classed as low risk monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) with annual check ups. Paraproteins 9.6. But now after recent blood tests due to a platelet disorder and needing a tooth extraction my levels have jumped significantly to 13. I have had a fizzy feeling all over and palpitations (which have been checked). Numbness in a few of my toes on left side. I have now been asked to attend a myeloma clinic. I worry about things until I know what I’m dealing with and this leaves you dangling in the unknown and I’m fine until I have blood tests then anxiety sets it. Should I be concerned about a high jump in spike over a short period. No answer will scare me , just need to know if a quick blood spike means a higher chance of progression?


Great to hear from you again @Dawnyp but it sounds as if you are going through an anxious time.
After 20 yrs I still get anxious before and during all medical tests and appointments.
Not knowing something makes me even more anxious too…
As you show we are all very unique, complex people with unique medical histories.
I have numbness in my toes but that is due to reoccurring shingles.
I think it is best to talk to your medical team and I find it best for me to write down all my fears and questions first.
Others might be able to share their experiences.
Please do let us know how you get on and as you say you want to know what you are dealing with.
Look after yourself


Thank you Erica, sometimes I feel I am going mad lol. Worrying for possibly nothing.


Oh @Dawnyp I don’t reckon that you are going mad, but perhaps try and do things to divert your mind. Keep posting

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I’m sorry you are worried and upset but can totally understand. I’m only just coming up to my second blood test next month and understand your anxiety. Now there’s an increase you are bound to be worried. It’s a strange one this monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) I don’t understand why they do the test if you have no symptoms. I’d rather not know until I do! I was being investigated for a pain in my upper right abdomen so I don’t know why my gp decided to do a blood test that would show up this.
What will your Dr do will get a recheck soon? I hope it’s nothing to be concerned about. I do feel for you as it’s something that never leaves you once you know. I try to forget but it pops back in my head. Live life to the full x


Hi @Helena62 a great big welcome, yes, it is so natural to be anxious. After 20 yrs I get anxious before and during all tests and appointments.
I am not a medical person but different blood tests seem to be used to diagnose or rule out so many conditions and I am happy to be regularly monitored (called watch and wait or active monitoring).
Yep, it does pop into my mind occasionally, but as you say living my life to the full is a great diversion.
I look forward to hearing more about you, take lots of care of yourself and keep living your life to the full.