Practical tips

Do you have any practical advice or tips for people regarding managing the practicalities around being told that there may be no more treatment options for you you or a loved one? Feel free to let others know what sort of things you or a loved one have found helpful, during what can be such a difficult and overwhelming time.


Coming to terms with incurable blood cancer is tough and so is managing the side effects of the cancer. In particular for Lymphoma patients it is the itiching skin that drives people mad. I now have a number of ways of dealing with itch especially on hands and feet at night. I am happy to give details of my “itch pack” that I take everywhere with me. Can you guide me to the appropriate place for me to post this information if deemed appropriate.

Hi Andrea, in case you haven’t seen, there is a thread around itchy skin here Itchy skin, what can help? that you may wish to join in if you have tips or advice to share!