Question about after chemotherapy

Hello again,

Yet again my OH hasn’t got answers. I don’t think he asked the questions yesterday after his last injection for the time being.

How long after Azacitadine do you remain vulnerable to infection from this chemotherapy treatment once you’ve finished your first round?

He wants to resume his hobby/obsession but will have to travel there and back on London’s filthy buses and his club is full of germbag children (I know I was one once, a germbag child that is) and women who want to hug him all the time (I think they want to mother him) I don’t think they realise how vulnerable he is and I don’t think he understands how dangerous it can be if he gets an infection even though he’s been in hospital twice with them in the recent past and sepsis was on the table the first time.

Can anybody answer my question?


Hi @Hellodolly.
I can hear how worried you are in your post. It must be really hard getting on with life but managing the risks as well, especially as he has been hospitalised before. Does he understand why you are worried?
Have you got a clinical nurse or somebody in the medical team that you could call to ask? They know you’re OH the best so perhaps give that a try? They will be to advise and hopefully put your mind at rest a little. I know sometimes people find it hard to contact their medical team so I have copied in the @BloodCancerUK_Nurses to see if they can offer any advice.
Remember, the support line is there as well if you want to talk things through.
Please keep us updated on how you are both doing and take good care of yourself X


Oh @Hellodolly Yes, your caring and concern really comes from your post I just echo @Nichola75 post
We cannot answer your question, it has to be your OH’s medical team.
If your husband were to resume his hobby perhaps he would be best wearing a good quality mask on public transport and in his club. Perhaps just firmly holding his arm out will deter ‘huggers’ .
It is a dilemma for him and a worry for you.
Please do let us know how you get on.


Dear @Hellodolly,
I do hope you are well? I hope this cycle of azacitadine went okay?
I agree with the other comments here, you really need to reach out to the treating team as they are best placed to discuss your husbands risk based on his ongoing blood results and current treatment regimen. Do you have a clinical nurse specialist you can link in with?
He will remain some what vulnerable throughout his treatment so he needs to be cautious on public transport, wearing a mask can offer some protection and practicing good hand washing, carrying hand sanitiser on him. Also ensuring family and friends know not to visit if they feel unwell. However you are correct that there are times when this is even more important so do reach out to the team to get some clarity on your husbands individual circumstance.
Best Wishes,
Heidi J (Support Services Nurse)


Thanks to both Erica and Nichola, I appreciate your responses.

I think I have got to back off, I can’t treat him like a child. We’ve already brought back covid rules, we’ve both got masks and sanitiser but I’ve not noticed him washing his hands when he gets home. I keep reminding him to sanitise his hands when he’s out before he eats or drinks anything (I’m not there so hope he does) We’ve talked about the ladies at his club hugging him and how he should avoid it, but he has got a little fan club there that think he’s brilliant and they want to mother him….

I can only keep my fingers crossed.


Hi @Hellodolly I laughed about your husband’s fan club, my husband has a fan club at a charity he works for and I can smell his deodorant as he goes off to see them on a Tuesday !!
Yes, after years and years I have realised that what I see as handy advice is seen by him as nagging and controlling by him and he definitely won’t do as I ‘suggested’, he has to think it is his idea.
It’s all the games we play.


Hi there
Hubby probably didn’t ask as he doesn’t want to know the answer if he wants to resume his hobby
It’s a little bit of normality for him.
Maybe in denial of what’s happened

I was thinking try different tactics
Make him up a little pack of mask hand sanitiser gloves etc bar chocolate and wish him well when he sets off

I do hear you and how worried you are