Returning to work after shielding

Hi, I have been in remission from Hodgkin lymphoma for 7 years. Previous to that, I was treated for it twice, ending with a stem cell transplant. I thought I would be ok, but I received the shielding advice so remained firmly at home as instructed. Now that shielding is coming to an end, I am expected to go back to work. I work in an early years setting where it’s going to be impossible to socially distance from the babies and toddlers. My work place has implemented lots of protection, and I will be wearing a face shield, but I am starting to feel very anxious about being so close to the children.
I know my immune system is working better than it did, but I still tend to get everything that’s going! Most memorably measles 2 years ago where I ended up in hospital.
Does anyone have any advice for me?
Thank you for reading.

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Hi Jo, welcome to the group. I‘m glad you found us as it’s a great place to ask questions, share advice and talk things through. I return to work in a primary school in September as well so I completely understand your fears and concerns. I have Non - Hodgkin Follicular Lymphoma. Like you, my work place have lots of things in place but I think I’m going to need more than that. I will have a risk assessment before I return to look at what needs doing or adapting. What have your workplace discussed with you? Have you had the opportunity to ask questions? This link is really useful in knowing what you expect from your workplace.

Also Lymphoma Action have a really good list or questions you may want to ask before returning.
I found the conversations really difficult with work as I didn’t want to make a fuss but decided I had to try and get over that.
I think my other bit of advice would be to talk to your GP or medical team. Is that possible? They will be the best ones to advise you on what needs to be in place so at least you are fully informed when you have a conversation with work.
Also, the support line are amazing if you want to call and talk things through.
Please let me know how you get on and I’ll update you on my progress as well. It’s a worrying and anxious time and we need to make sure everything is in place if we are going back to a workplace where social distancing isn’t possible - that definitely applies to us doesn’t it! X

Hi @jocress, a welcome to our community forum and as you can tell from @Nichola75 reply we are all here to support each other and you soon find someone with similar anxieties. I think l we all have anxieties returning to life out there. @Nichola75 has advised you far better than I could. Take care of yourself and keep posting.


Thank you so much Nichola. I really appreciate your advice. I really waver between being excited about being able to go back, and really nervous about being so close to other people!
I wish you lots of luck too, it’s a scary time for all of us.xx


I’m exactly the same - be lovely to see everybody (staff and the children) and to keep my mind occupied for a few hours but then I get really anxious! Ups and downs eh. We’ll get there x