Rising ALC but asymptomatic

New here. But have been reading this forum many times and found it very helpful. Thank you.

I was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) (13q deletion, IgVH hypermutated) about 5 years ago based on a routine blood test, no symptoms then, no symptoms now, other than 2 recent pea-sized lymph nodes in the neck. Haven’t been sick in years; no fatigue. In watch and wait.

But my ALC has risen lately. It was 30 end of last year, 30 in August this year, 55 now. Still no symptoms. Have been wondering whether this is an indication for treatment (almost doubling of ALC in less than 6 months) or should other issues show up? Other routine blood count values (neutrophils, platelets, etc) are all in the normal range; only value that was low when it was done last year was IgM. If treatment is needed, is chemo (FCR) the way to go? Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

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Hi @da2000, welcome to posting and I am glad you have found the forum helpful in the past, I hope you will also find it supportive.
I have CLL as well, diagnosed in 2003 and still on watch and wait, but I definitely could not answer your medical questions, they are I think for your medical team because you are unique and they take so many different aspects into account before considering the way forward.
When they suggest a way forward you can always question their thinking and ask for time before making a decision.
How are you feeling about the upcoming holiday period and guidelines?
We will all be supporting each other on this forum.

Hi @da2000 and welcome to the forum. I’m glad you have found it useful in the past and it’s great you are now posting to share your experiences! I think @Erica has given good advice. I hope you are keeping well? When will you get the opportunity to speak to your team so you can ask some of these questions? Let us know how you get on :blush:

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