Role opportunity! Research Strategy Patient Panel- reply by 17th May 😊

Hello there forum family! How are we all?

We have some news …… Blood Cancer UK are recruiting! We are currently recruiting for a patient involvement panel for the Research Strategy (please click on the link just below for a role profile for a bit more information, within which is a link to an application form).

Research Strategy Patient Panel Role Profile.pdf (175.7 KB)

We are really keen to hear from a wide range of different people and thought where better place to ask than to our lovely forum family!

We would love to hear from you, if you’re interested, all we need you to do is reply by Sunday 17th May .

Any questions or queries, please do drop us a line at and if you could just pop Research Strategy Patient Panel in the subject bar :smiley:

Best wishes from the Blood Cancer UK support team :hearts:

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Hi Su, thanks for the opportunity, but I am afraid not for me.

Great that you are involving patients in research strategy. Sounds really interesting, so have filled out the application.

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@Erica no problem at all Erica, hope you’re doing ok :slight_smile:

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@mrbio that’s brilliant! thank you so much, and a big welcome to the forum :smiley:

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Hi @mrbio a great big welcome to our forum and I am so glad you have filled out your application for the patient involvement panel, I am sure your perspective will be really useful. We are all here to support each other through isolation. How are you coping and feeling?

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Thanks for the warm welcome Su. Not a big user of forums so hope my etiquette is OK! Malcolm


Thanks Erica, for the warm welcome. Actually I am feeling quite good as we are lucky enough to be able to shield in comfort. I am thinking the shielding rules could become a little more flexible to allow more of us outdoors safely for exercise. I have a park at the end of our quiet road… Of course many are not so lucky. Hope you are doing well.

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Am SO up for that… Research is SO important and I have so many ideas. Giant blood cancer registry capturing natural history and ensuring patients hear direct about relevant clinical research anybody?

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Good morning to our lovely forum family :smiley:

A big thank you to those who applied, our fabulous research team are currently reviewing applications and hope to get back to you this week (but if not certainly next week :+1:)

Best wishes from the Blood Cancer UK support team :heart:

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