Ryan Anthony, Professional Trumpet Player passes

Ok, it’s a bit niche… but I read the sad news about the passing of Ryan Anthony, trumpet player today. I first came across his story when I was going through my treatment 3 years ago. I’m an amateur player, and wanted to know what other trumpet players, professional and amateur alike went through during their cancer treatments. Did they stop playing or whatever.

Ryan had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2012 at the age of 43. He want on to setup a foundation to fund research into this illness called Cancer Blows.

Over the years, he and many others have held concerts, fundraisers etc even during his treatment.

His story was an inspiration to me which helped me get back into playing after a few months off.

Here is video of Ryan performing, a song everyone should know.

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@dmquinlan thank you for sharing this. How terribly sad that he’s passed away. It sounds like he did some fantastic work raising money and awareness through this foundation, he’s certainly left an amazing legacy.
Hope you’re doing okay after learning this news.

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What a loss of a very inspirational person. Thanks for the video.


Thanks! Ryan was hugely respected in the trumpet and music community. A very skilled and talented performer at the highest level.
His last post on facebook page was about a new treatment that “was kicking his butt” … . looking back at his history, he has had quite a tough few years.


Ryan certainly did have a tough few years, but look what he did with those years too.
@dmquinlan was he a friend of yours? I know any blood cancer death really, really hits me, are you OK because we are here for you?

Hi Erica,
No, not a friend… but someone who’s trumpet playing I admired, and whose story I found inspirational, especially as I came across it during my own treatment. When I was diagnosed, I was neutropenic so had to be extra sensitive to infection. It is reasonably well known I guess to wind and brass musicians, that our instruments, if not cared for and cleaned regularly could be a source of infection (extreme cases as in basically, neglecting it). I was curious as I’d assumed that there must have been trumpet players out there in the community (i.e. world!) that have been through this and what they did. I decided it was best not to play until recovered, as I did have about of pneumonia which wasn’t pleasant! I came across Ryan’s story in my research.

It’s just sad as throughout he was so strong and positive.

Musicians tend to have heroes I guess much like people have sports people they admire… if that makes sense. We have players we admire and try to emulate! We follow them on social and their websites / channels etc for advice and tips on how to play!

The trumpet playing community I guess has lost a member today I guess… what was amazing was how his colleagues and in some cases rivals (they do compete for work!) rallied around to support him in his time of need.
His legacy will live on in his recorded work and his foundation.