Social contact before pushed-back transplant for AML

Hi everyone, I have a query. I’m going to put this to my health team next time I speak to them, but I wanted to ask you for first-hand opinions.

I have Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, been through 4 blocks of chemo to get into first remission, and at some point will be having a stem cell transplant. That transplant has now been pushed back 2 months.

For the stage after the transplant, there are details of what to cut down, including social meets and contact with pets because my immune system will be renewed. I’m not finding much about the current state I am in, apart from in the weeks before the transplant to cut down social interactions.

I would of course pick the current time to have met someone I want to get close too, who happens to have house cats who don’t go outside. Sensible and considerate, the type to immediately query what needs to be done to make me feel as safe as possible. (The new friend I mean, maybe not the cats :slight_smile: )

So my quandary is…. how social can I get in what is now a couple of months to transplant time? Am I to be as careful with my weaker immune system now like I would be with the new one in the months after transplant? Or can that wait until say 2 weeks before I go in for the transplant?

I would be sensible as we have been. Small groups of careful friends max for me, masks, LFT tests, picking places that are quiet and feel well-spaced out, not meeting people clearly ill with a cold … logical stuff to do in modern times. Walking together if the weather is nice. Getting closer to festive time I’ll be still avoiding parties and uncomfortable too-busy situations - I won’t hold close friends to do that themselves as they are fully willing to do LFTs and likewise have similar mindsets.

My impression is … as long as we are sensible, I don’t see huge limitation to what I can do. My health comes first, (I don’t want to do unnecessary risk leading up to the transplant treatment starting), and I’ll be watching fatigue etc so I don’t over-commit.

The “do I pet her cats question” is also hovering around … really miss cat interactions this year :frowning:

Opinions welcomed with thanks, and best of luck with your own treatment journeys.


A great big welcome @Catwithahat (I note the cat theme)
An interesting question and perhaps you might find that all responses are very individual.
It is an individual choice in your own circumstances.
You have also just started a relationship which is obviously important to you.
Very personally I do not pet animals and if they touch me I am conscious of washing my hands or using wet wipes.
Very personally again if I am not comfortable going into a situation, I willingly don’t go. I don’t expect others to change what they are going to do.
Yes, outdoor opportunities are good.
I avoid crowded situations and if I cannot avoid one I stay at the periphery pointing away from others.
I ensure that I am fully vaccinated,
In your situation personally I would be guided by my transplant team who know me best.
You also seem to have a great handle on your over committing, immune system, fatigue, safety, presumably mask wearing etc.
Personally I think honest communication with your partner is so important (something I have never been good at!!)
As I have stressed this is a very personal response.
I await others thoughts and experiences
Please do keep posting as I look forward to hearing how you get on.
I really hope your new relationship blossoms.,
Be kind to yourselves


Hi @Catwithahat

Welcome to our Forum ( although sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) )

I was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) last October and had a Stem cell transplant in July this year.
During my time in hospital going through Chemo,
my Consultant always told me that I was to be “selfish”
He always said I wasn’t to put myself at any unnecessary risk.

Pre-transplant ( 2 weeks before ) I was very careful and really did not mix with people outside of my home. I would face-time or meet up with family & friends in either our garden or theirs, weather permitting.
You sound very upbeat and seem to be coping well which is great :blush: social interaction is important but I think leading up to your transplant , limiting who you see face to face is worth thinking about. You have come this far like you say and don’t want to jeopardise anything.

Congratulations on your new relationship, your partner sounds very caring & sensible, which is lovely :blush:

Pets ! I’m not so sure about, as at the moment I don’t have any. I am a sucker for dogs but if I pet any dogs I immediately wash or sanitise my hands right away.

I think you sound as if you are coping really well so far and are following the advice of your medical team.

I am 110 days post transplant and I’m still very wary of my surroundings and always wear my mask when attending appointments.

Look after yourself and I hope your transplant isn’t too far away , best wishes in your new relationship aswell. Keep us posted. :blush::hibiscus:


Thank you @Erica and @Fifimac. I got info back from Transplant team too.

Masks are second nature now. Even before I was diagnosed in Feb, I still wore them in super markets (and it seems good that I did on reflection!)

Sometimes decision making is easy about determining comfortable / uncomfortable situations. Chemobrain can make me both a bit single-minded and also get a bit stuck waiting for my brain to make a decision. (I’m intending to do a separate post about my Chemo brain experiences). So i’m expecting me to have lots of … internal debates post transplant. One step at a time :slightly_smiling_face:

Best of luck


Oh @Catwithahat oh, my head loves a good debate to get it’s teeth into.
I really look forward to your post on Chemo brain, brilliant idea.
Be kind to yourself and keep posting.


Hi @Catwithahat

Glad you’ve had info from your transplant team.
Once you receive a date , it comes round so quickly.
Chemo Brain… I’m not so sure but I definitely get a bit more anxious than I ever did before.

I look forward to reading your upcoming posts re-chemo brain.
Meantime look after yourself :blush:

Best wishes x x


Re supermarkets
Colleagues now go to work with covid as they don’t get paid to be off with covid and it counts towards sickness levels
Customers are also going in with covid without a mask as my daughter found out recently when asked where the cleaning stuff had gone for baskets (no longer supplied) and then the lady told her she had covid which sent my daughter into a panic and txt me to say wear a mask when she got home

Re transplant I had to isolate and so did my daughter for two weeks (2022)