Tests after treatment

Going for second PET scan after finishing radiotherapy for follicular lymphoma, Then see consultant six days later,
Can stop worrying, any words of comfort, really want the treatment to be a success.


Hi @Tessa1924
Great news that you’ve finished your radiotherapy - although I’m sorry you’re so worried as you await the results. It’s of course natural to be worried and to have it on your mind all the time. When I was waiting to hear if I was in remission after chemo, I also worried about it a lot, until a friend suggested I reframe the thoughts that I was having anyway, into a more positive set of thoughts on the subject.

So I listened to guided meditations in which I had to picture my healthy blood, my healthy organs and my healthy body, all performing optimally and looking fantastic. I did this once or twice a day, and I soon began to trust that every cell of my body was working perfectly, and the worry dropped away quite significantly.

You can find such guided meditations on YouTube, if you think this might help - but just deliberately reframing any negative thoughts as they pop up can help. And finding any distraction you can, such as a good book or Netflix series, or time with friends. And it’s worth remembering that these treatments are designed and intended to work on the majority of patients, so the liklihood is that it has.

I hope the time passes quickly. Chat to us here if that helps too.

Best wishes X

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Hi @Tessa1924, thank you for taking the time to share this, and I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so worried. @Fullofbeans has given you a very helpful and supportive reply, and I thought I’d just say if you want to talk anything through, you’d be welcome to call our Support Team. We are on 0808 2080 888 and would be happy to talk things over with you, or just listen to you if you’d like some time to share your worries.

Do take care of yourself in the meanwhile, and I hope you find some comfort in this community.

Best wishes,


Hi @Tessa1924 I think it is completely natural to worry about getting your results, just think what you and your body have gone through, of course you want your treatment to be a success.
I expect your emotions are still on high alert and your batteries depleted.
Blood Cancer UK also have some meditations and handy hints.
Diversion tactics also help me walking, 'cose I am nosey, music and reading a good book.
Do nice things, spoil yourself, you deserve it.
Please do let us know how you get on and as @TanyaBloodCancerUK have said the Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you if you would just like a chat.
Be kind to yourself.

Hi @Tessa1924
Scanxiety is very real , I think it’s because many of us have already experienced receiving news of negative results from previous scans and we remember all to well these feelings.

Scans are often an essential part of treatment and care, so it’s important to learn how to recognise scanxiety and how it effects you.

I think it good to remember scanxiety is a normal response. Acknowledge that this is hard, and treat yourself with care and compassion. Another thing that can help is to have a plan in place for getting your test results. Plan for when and how you will receive your results.Ask your team when to expect the results, who will deliver them to you, and how they will be delivered, such as by phone, during a face-to-face appointment. That way, you are not wondering and worrying over a period of days about when you will hear back. This knowledge is empowering, and it can help you manage the uncertainty while you are anticipating the results.
Do let us know how you get on and hope you get fantastic results.


Hi @Tessa1924. I had radiotherapy for follicular lymphoma 5 years ago and understand that worry following the pet scan after treatment. Where was your radiotherapy targeted?
I think worrying is completely natural. I tried to keep my mind occupied whilst waiting for the scan results - easier said than done I know. I was probably a bit of a nightmare but everybody understood and was just there when I needed them.
All you can do is get through the waiting period the best you can. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way.
I have been on active monitoring since and haven’t needed any more treatment.
I found the night times more difficult so tried listening to audio books until I fell asleep,
There is always somebody on here who will listen so use us as you need to X

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Hi @Tessa1924 I have been thinking about you and just wondered how the appointment with your consultant went?
Look after and be kind of yourself

Hi to you Erica so good to hear from you, pleased to say the pet scan was normal ! And I’m now on watch and wait I suppose , but so happy the treatment has worked!!
Even decided to go to the Algarve over Christmas and the New year with John, he has Parkinson’s and other health problems, so hope I’m making the right decision, But feel we both need a break and time away. To try and live life , and plan for a Future.
Wishing all those with these blood disorders a healthy and happy new year, and a better Christmas than the last two!! :kissing_heart: xx


I’m really glad the PET scan was ok. A little bit of sun sounds like just what the doctor may have ordered!

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Oh, that is such good news @Tessa1924 and the Algarve sounds really good to me, enjoy and spoil yourselves.

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