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UK ALL Protocol 60+

Does anyone who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has experience of the UK ALL Protocol 60+ course of treatment. It seems to be a less aggressive type of treatment but after having the 2 stages of induction it seems as though my husband is not in remission and cannot continue to intensification stage. We are discussing what will happen now with the Consultant tomorrow. I was going to ask about having UK ALL14. Has anyone aged 60 + had this treatment and how did it work.

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No @summer123 but please let us know how you both get on tomorrow, look after yourselves.

Hello, I am currently on that treatment but Iā€™m younger. I am sure there is a lady who is older that was on it too but she was a little ahead of me. Think she is having a transplant now. Not 100% sure, I would need to check previous posts. I am sure she will answer though as she was very helpful with me.
Fingers crossed it is the right pathway for your husband. Xxxx

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