Vitamin D defficiency

Hi all,

I have Essential thrombocythemia (ET) and I’m currently on Hydroxy, my fatigue was beginning to get me down on some days if I’m honest, it felt like my whole body was just crashing.
My GP (who is great) decided to carry out some more blood tests not related to my condition, one of these showed that I had a vitamin D deficiency, so off I went to a well known chemist and spoke to the pharmacist, she advised for me to take 2 tablets daily for a month to give my system a boost and I’m pleased to say I no longer feel as tired all the time, might be worth finding out but it does involve about blood test.
Good luck


Hi @KT1609 I have Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and I take Vit D daily for my osteoporosis
Look after yourself and I am glad that Vit D has worked for you.

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