Waiting for haematology


Im 34 female with 3 small children. I recently had a ct scan due to stomach pain that they could not diagnose but put down to ovarian cyst (which ive had in the past). During the ultrasound it was noted my spleen was 13cm, slightly enlarged (im 5ft3) so rescan in 3 months time. I was scanned on friday and it is now 15cm and the doctor phoned me to discuss any other symptoms. My periods are very heavy but i have the copper coil so assumed this was the reason, i have fatigue and night sweats butmy family and i joke its early onset of menopause as theres history of it in the family. I also have a constant fullness and struggle to eat but again i have 3 young children so put the tiredness, lack of appetite and aches and pains down to this.
I dont really know what to think as i have now been referred on to haematology but unsure of next steps. Ive obviously googled my symptoms and the results arent what you want to see so im panicking a little. Any advice would be most welcome thank you.


Hi @Beca0509 I am glad you have found our forum, but I hope, as I expect do, that you will not need us.
You show in your post what complex individuals we are.
I am not a medical person, but I was diagnosed by another consultant doing tests to rule conditions in or out.
Also perhaps googling did nothing for my anxiety levels!!
I think not knowing and waiting is horrible and panic making, that is natural.
Please do let us know how you get on and if you need to ring the Blood Cancer UK support line they are on 0808 2080 888.
Be kind to yourself and really look after yourself and please do keep posting

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Hi @Beca0509 ,
I’m really pleased you’ve reached out to us & I hope you are feeling okay today?

It is good news that you have been referred to the haematology team as they will be able to run more tests and understand the whys behind your enlarged spleen and your symptoms. Were you given an indication of when you are likely to hear from the haematology team?

That being said, we appreciate how difficult this period of being in limbo and waiting can be, so distractions will be good. I would imagine with 3 young young children you will be kept busy, but perhaps being a little selfish- taking rest where possible, keeping yourself as well as possible and also giving yourself a break if things ever feel too much. Part of this will be keeping your thoughts in check. As erica has suggested, staying off google can be a really helpful step as no website will have your results and everyone is incredibly unique. Try to lean on those around you & allow yourself to seek support when you need it. You are also very welcome to call our helpline at any point to talk things through if you think it might help- Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK.

Do keep in touch & take good care, Lauran