Why is Doctors Not Aware Of My Condition

Hi there,

I went to my Doctors yesterday in reference to my stay in hospital. He asked about any other diagnoses. I said TLGL. ‘What’s That’ he asked. I am getting bored having to explain to every medical professional what my condition is. I am aware there are well over 120 types of Blood Cancer and that mines is one of the rarest. Surely, GP’s should be made aware of the many types of Blood Cancer there is.



I totally empathise with your frustration…

Unfortunately gp system and a hospital system are two different systems. Why whether you get admitted to hospital they give you something to post/hand in to your gps to update their records.

It came a big shock that hospital requested blood tests aren’t instantly accessible to gps unless they download it.

I always see gps are they know a little bit of everything whereas hospital docs know a lot more of particular things.

When I was diagnosed my gp dismissed my symptoms and condition of not even being a blood cancer…

Sometimes we need to advocate ourselves…

I miss the days of my youth when you saw the same gp all the time… where you build a relationship and rapport with them…


Yes, @Jbeaver12 and @Rammie18 so true GP’s, refer patients to hospital specialists and it is so frustrating for us.
When I was diagnosed with a very common blood cancer my GP said they had only ever had one other patient with my diagnosis and they died, wow did I feel alone and very scared at that point.
A lot of GP’s I have seen for a few years and been very lucky with and then they have retired.

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