Will the never ending tale ever end

Not likely I’m thinking, After enjoying a ‘failed Biopsy’ on Tuesday, my ENT man called yesterday.

He said that he had spoken to the Radiologist who had conducted the biopsy, and he now thinks that he may be able to source the Tumour by a different route, and wants to give it another try.

I am grateful of course, but as I pointed out, it has been 2 months since the onset of the ‘Tumour Palsy’.

Now we are talking about another two weeks for the new biopsy, then another two for the result.

My GP has been extremely supportive of my wish to ask for a 2nd opinion, and I now have an appointment with the original ENT man who diagnosed my Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) in 2018. (His special Interest is neck Tumours)

I also heard from my Haematologist yesterday and she is very happy with my recent bloods, the vital ones of which have nearly halved. So she now tells me that intervention is not now urgent.

I am now on my own little extra special ‘Watch and Wait’ whilst this small tumour continues it’s vacation trip, from my Mandible to my Skull Base. :grinning:

My NHS man hopes that it may be possible to slow it down, as eradication seems unlikely.

I am so grateful to this forum for allowing me the opportunity to ‘Offload’ .I am aware that many of us are, or have, gone through similar or worse, traumatic journeys.

I take my hat off (Again) to all the wonderful volunteers and staff who make it possible for us to: ‘Offload’ :grinning:

All the best to all, Ron


Oh, @Vindicatrix you can always offload amongst your friends on our forum.
The million dollar question is however ‘will the never ending tale ever end’.
Rollercoasters just seem to go continually up and down and in and out and then we stay on them for ages waiting and waiting for tests, results appointments and answers.
So a new biopsy from a different route and another month goes by…
Good news on the 2nd opinion appointment and also your haematology bloods though.
Please let us know how new biopsy goes and also your 2nd opinion appointment.
Keep your hat on if autumn suddenly appears. I have to keep mine on all year round with the re-occurring skin cancer on my head, it is a very fetching bonnet!!!
Be kind to and look after yourself

Thanks Erica, you are right about the hat, all year round from now on, I’m afraid as we cannot afford to drop our guard.

Thanks again Ron

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