5th Jab jabbed

I think that now I’m officially recognised by the NHS as vulnerable. Received an email from them a couple of weeks ago, and recieved my lateral flow kits last week. Dr’s surgery txt Monday for me to book my booster. Jabbed Monday evening :+1:t2:5th jab.


Great news @Gary it has taken long enough, hasn’t it.
How are you doing now?
Look after yourself

Hello @Erica. I’m ok thanks. Having counselling through the NHS now, which is helping. Finally retired from the Fire Service and all settled. A big stress done and dusted.
Now time to concentrate on me.

Hope you’re keeping well.


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Oh @Gary after all that anxiety, stress and hassle that you could have done without I am so pleased that you are finally retired and it has been settled.
I am glad that you have been able to access NHS counselling.
Yes, now it is your time to concentrate on what you want to do and with whom.
In Rod Stewart’s words ‘Love the life you lead and lead the life you love’.
Enjoy yourself you deserve it.

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