All looking good

Had my latest 3 monthly telephone chat with my consultant yesterday.
She is very pleased with me, says my Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is behaving and my blood numbers are still stable and within a smidgen of normal ranges.
Last week I also gave blood for a full antibody test. I was optimistic after a positive result from the National Office of Statistics survey test. However, it was completely negative. We did wonder if the NOS had mixed our samples up (Tony’s was negative). I asked about partial remission after reading a post on HealthUnlocked. Dr Munro said that because my Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) was stable then I could also say that it was in partial remission. The Acalabrutinib is clearly doing it’s job, I feel really well and can live an almost normal life.
Dr Munro will speak to me again in April.
Stay warm and well everyone, God bless.


Morning @Kitchengardener2
That’s fantastic news. What a great way to start a new year. I hope that you have something wonderful planned to celebrate.
It’s good to hear when a member of the forum family hears something positive it’s gives us all an opportunity to celebrate.
All the very best to you .

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Yes we have a trip to Tenerife planned in a few weeks. Looking forward to some warmth.


Great news @Kitchengardener2, what a relief.
Yes, really celebrate and Tenerife sounds a great way to do it.
Look after yourself and please keep posting


Good Morning @Kitchengardener2,

That’s really pleasing news. You must be delighted and relieved.

Have a great trip to Tenerife and enjoy the sunshine and most of, keep taking care of yourself.



Thanks for updating

Nice to read good news

All the best…Lee


Excellent news! So pleased for you and your family

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