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Alternative Therapies Acupuncture

My husband has ALL and is going through the stages of chemotherapy, he is coping quite well but suffering from chronic fatigue - he sleeps for about 16 hours a day and struggles the rest of the time to keep awake. Also some joint pain and headaches/fuzzy head. Reading on other cancer sites they only alternative therapies they seemed to recommend is Acupuncture I was wondering if anyone has tried it for various symptoms and what did they think about it. We have a Consultant appointment on Friday and will talk to her about it but was hoping to hear of any first hand experiences. Thank you


Hi @summer123 as you say your husband and you will be talking through his symptoms and the thoughts of trying acupuncture.
My immediate thoughts are to check out that acupuncture can be used during a course of treatment. That it might be best to find an acupuncturist who has had training in working with cancers, preferably blood. Ensure the acupuncturist wears a mask etc.
Also ensure that the needles are sterile to stop the chance of infection when your husband might have a very poor immune system.
I am not medically trained and these are just my thoughts. I personally stay away from anything invasive but that is just me. I hope this is helpful and I know acupuncture can be very beneficial for some issues.
If you would like to you could always give the Blood Cancer UK support line a ring their details are above.
I would be very interested to hear others experiences and thoughts.


Hi summer123,

I have not tried Acupuncture but I have tried Reflexology, a different alternative therapy, and found it to be beneficial, although not specifically for fatigue. It was most helpful for relaxation. And I really liked the fact it does not use needles! But that was before the pandemic and as @Erica cautions, at the moment the risks of meeting additional people, even with masks on, have to be weighed up against the benefit.

I’m sorry to hear that your husband is having such a tough time with the chemo and no doubt that is worrying and challenging for you too. I’m sorry if my reply is not very specific and I hope that your appointment on Friday goes really well and gives you some practical suggestions for helping your husband through this.

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