CML - Holistic Therapies

Hi Peeps,

I was wondering (and apologies if there’s already topics on this but I’m still learning to navigate the forums), has anyone tried any complimentary holistic therapies? If so, what were they and how did you get on?

I’m a gentle hippy at heart and my Doctor has cleared me for anything non-invasive, so I’m currently attempting to meditate (which I am terrible at) and I also tried Reiki, which to be honest I found incredibly relaxing. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other things to explore?

Sending love and positivity <3

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Oh @Kibbit, how lovely to hear you are a gentle hippy at heart and terrible at meditation. I am also terrible at meditation.
For me a walk in the fresh air with my Walkman playing my favourite music works wonders for me, we are very lucky to have a river towpath and parks near us.
I am also a great Pilates advocate which strengthens your limbs and core as well as being focusing and relaxing.
Others are Yoga advocates and find it more relaxing.
I, pre Covid, found Zumba classes beneficial.
What about a massage or Sauna?
These might not be what you call ‘therapies’ but they work better than meditation personally for me.
I look forward to hearing other’s thoughts.
Be kind to yourself and have a lovely lazy bubbly bath
Please let us know what you try.

Hi @Kibbit have you had any other thoughts about other things to explore?
Look after yourself