Ways to unwind 🥰

Just wanted to share how I unwind after a tough week. More hospital appointments (ugh, I know we can all relate) review of scans from January have now been followed -up… let’s just say I’m back in the land of biopsies again.

But today, I decided to fight back with some self-love. Took a deep breath and went to the first beach yoga class of the summer - sunset yoga. Talk about amazing! Stretching with the sea breeze and focusing on my breath as the sun dipped below the horizon – it was incredibly calming.
This blood cancer journey can be a real rollercoaster, but it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. ‍

It’s important to find those tiny moments of peace, even amidst the challenges.

Who else has a favourite way to unwind?

Share your tips- I’d love to hear what everyone else does ?

Sending strength and positive vibes to everyone on this forum. We’re all in this together! :heart:


@Jules - sorry you’re having a tough time but I’m delighted you enjoyed your sunset beach yoga; it sounds idyllic. So easy to forget about taking time for ourselves.


Hi @Jules , a great topic, really important and your’s sounds idyllic, I can picture it now.
Sorry to hear that you have had a tough week, please do keep us posted with your medical appointments, I have 2 weeks worth coming starting Monday. Please do keep us posting.
Mine is in a hot bubbly bath.
And keep practicing your self love,

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Love this optimistic idea, thank you for sharing @Jules. Really sorry to read about you being “in the land of biopsies” which sounds rather like a nasty horror film or B movie! Keeping my fingers crossed about the results :crossed_fingers:t3:

Your self-care sounds amazing! Beach yoga is something I’ve yet to try but I love the image of the ocean being right there in such an ‘open’ moment. Thanks for the inspiration.

Self-care is a tough subject I’d imagine for many Brits. I know culturally many of us were raised not to complain, be happy with our lot, make do and mend. But the reality is that we’re all people with feelings and we have individual needs, self-care included. Adding these cancers on top is a bit much!

Discovering ways to find peace has become very important to me. I’ve learnt the hard way through getting so wound up and agitated that panic attacks occurred. Not recommended! Learning to indulge in self-care is a work in progress. See, I still see it as indulgence, when in fact wouldn’t it be great as an integral part of every week?!

So I try to go hiking at least once a week. For me, hiking in the wilderness somewhere preferably wooded, away from the sounds of humans, is my favourite way to unwind. It feels as helpful and relieves stress as well as therapy does. Research backs this up. In fact, in some places, sessions of nature therapy are prescribed! Imagine that in the UK?!

It truly is nature therapy for me, the way being in a beautiful landscape can make mortal problems seem insignificant. Literally awesome!

I wandered around a local Japanese botanic garden this week, prescribed for my self…

Of course there’s also cannabis, which I know is not medically sanctioned in the UK but is where I am, so I feel I can praise it for its medicinal properties. It really helps insomnia, speaking of unwinding!

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@Duncan what a beautiful picture reminds me of a spa I go to sometimes with my daughters. I should have popped a picture on yesterday. There are loads of us as you can see it’s just amazing.


Oh @Erica bubble baths are fantastic- I just get so hot and impatient I have all these grand plans. I light a candle use beautiful smelly bath salts grab a book, then after about five minutes I’m too hot and I’m out!
I do hope your rounds of appointments go ok! Keep in touch :heart:


@Duncan @Jules - great photos!


Aw thanks @PollyVera! Slightly in awe of your beach yoga, @Jules! My yoga is rather perfunctory in comparison, in front of the telly!

I too love a good bath, @Erica, although not as often as I’d like as we’re often in drought here. Lots of essential oils and ambient music and the other half is banned from the bathroom while I soak :bathtub: