Any news about authorisation of the preventative antibody treatment from the PROVENT study?

I have asked my consultant today about Evusheld
She didn’t seem to know what I was asking about but will look into it and asked me to write it down

I also emailed another consultant in Birmingham waiting for a reply and I asked my GP about it and she didn’t know what it was either or so they say

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Hi 2DB, Should add this to the question and answer Ask the experts Facebook live event. Why some doctors and consultants have never heard of Evusheld?

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Perhaps those were the Doctors the Government consulted :rofl:

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For Your Information

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I was put in touch with Nikola Brigden of the Campaign Group Get Evusheld Uk and we had a lengthy chat about the procurement of Evusheld.They have now been added to the list of those to consult as have the Appg vulnerable groups and many others. They appear well connected. However this process is a two week scoping process only. No decision is pending. These referrals can take up to six months in the normal course of. Events.

They have been assured that this will be fast tracked.

She has agreed to keep me in the loop on what they are able to get from NICe and is looking into my suggestion that their website needs more accessibility via maybe a forum such as this for us all to get involved. Especially like me if you don’t do Facebook or Twitter.

They are also holding back on various publicity items and a potential legal challenge if the government refuse to give us Evusheld.

If your Clinician should want to get on board the Appg web page gives them the opportunity to air their views.

Appg link in my previous posts


Above for non subscribers :wink:

My consultant has written to me today to say she is going to look into wether I would be eligible for Evusheld with regards to Covid prevention

I know as a stem cell transplant patient of 3 months I’m on the list

Let’s see what she comes up with

No reply to email from professor in Birmingham as yet

Good grief! I do hope there is a misunderstanding here ….

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From the full Twitter thread, it’s sounds as though DHSC is using the delaying tactic of putting Evusheld through NICE consultation process (the various steps could take 6 months +) which would mean they wouldn’t roll it out Autumn 2022. No other Covid vaccine or treatment has been put through this process. The Govt are ignoring the advice of 125 top clinicians across many medical areas (blood cancer, kidney transplants, autoimmune diseases) and 19 leading charities who have been pushing for an early rollout. The thread also says the earliest they will order any stock from AstraZeneca is summer 2023 (if it passes NICE consultation). Deeply depressing news. Hope @BloodCancerUK can challenge this somehow so that it is fast tracked by NICE or as a last resort made available privately.

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Well all I heard from Nikola Brigden was an announcement is due tomorrow.

Surely it’s not based on cost Sotrovimab costs according to NICE £2200 a treatment and has been given so far to over 30000 people via CMDU, add the costs of all the other antivirals and so far a staggering sum has been spent. Not one case prevented and according to estimates, around 500 lives needlessly lost.

If the heartless B***trds say no it’s down to dodgy ideology.

My already dodgy blood is boiling!


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Im sure like me these rumors about the Government saying no to Evusheld are very disconcerting. I have attempted to find if there is any substance to them. Contacts from Appg sugestive they too have heatd rumor.

Campaign for Evusheld Uk cant or wont substantiate the rumor.

Lets all keep it crossed lets stay off the gin until.confirmed.

Ill do my best to give some real info.

Covid: Evusheld antibody protection ruled out for most vulnerable Covid: Evusheld antibody protection ruled out for most vulnerable - BBC News

Just fired off an email to my MP copying Sky and BBC news.

Extract below

The Government is a complete and utter disgrace. It seems the most vulnerable in society count for nothing. Why is Evusheld having to undergo more trials and research than vaccines and antivirals? Real world data shows Evusheld works.

I recently attended hospital for a blood test requested by my Haematologist.
I was terrified - many staff and patients alike were not wearing masks despite the prominent notice at the entrance and free masks being available. I should attend an eye appointment in a couple of weeks but may cancel as risk of catching Covid and death is a high price to pay.

I like many others are in total despair. Many of us are continuing to shield (constantly since March 2020) as our risk of dying is so great. The much publicised anti virals don’t give us much chance even if you can access them in the very short time frame when they can be administered. If you recall one anti viral has already been totally withdrawn from use in America as it is totally useless.

I cried when I heard the news about Evusheld. What is the point of existing when the Government won’t even give us a chance of life?

I suppose we are not vocal enough, not a big enough group and, dare I say it, the roll out of Evusheld won’t be a vote winning policy.

America and many other countries feel the available information is worth giving their citizens a chance of life by providing Evusheld - this Government clearly deems our lives worthless.

I called the Government a disgrace - it’s worse than that - you are not giving us a chance of life and completely failing in surely what is your prime duty of protecting ALL your citizens.


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