Anyone over 60 had stem cell for All? Mum found a 12/12 match Stemcell -ALL

So my mother is on phase 3 of treatment and due to start methotrexate tomorrow iv.
She is extremely worried about this round and then conditioning before having the stem cell transplant.

Looking for positive stories of people over 60 with similar diagnosis please

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Hi @wallydog I think the unknown always is scary.
My husband is 76 yrs old, with a non blood cancer diagnosis, and he has been on methotrexate
for quite a few years with no problems. However every person is a unique being.
Perhaps your mother needs to talk her fears, questions and practicalities through with her specialist nurse or consultant, they need to know.
Be very kind to yourselves all treatments can be scary for you all, patients and everyone around them
Pkease do keep posting and tell us how you are really feeling too