Are clinical trials open only to patients who live in the area

My haematologist offered to refer me to a clinical trial which is based 150 miles from my home. I declined the offer as I felt unable to travel. I am feeling stronger now and would like to know if it would be worth while trying again?

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Hi @KateS I don’t know anything about clinical trials, but I will copy your post to Blood Cancer UK for you. @BloodCancerUK
Perhaps your Haematologist might be able to help you too.
Look after yourself and take care

Hi @KateS, yes absolutely, don’t be afraid to open the conversation back up with your haematologist to see if it would still be an option for you.
If you’d like to talk to us about clinical trials, even if just to help you understand the trials process or formulate questions for your treating team etc, you’d be really welcome to fill in this referral form - How our Clinical Trials Support Service can help you | Blood Cancer UK


Thanks Erica and Alice, much appreciated x