Myeloma trial RADAR

Hello I was wondering if anybody else with myeloma has been asked or offered to go on RADAR (Uk-MRA Myeloma XV) clinical trial.
Thank you


Hi Paula. I await to see if any members can share their experiences with you.
It just be nerve wracking to go on to a clinical trial. How are you doing?

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Hi @Paula1 I am not involved with the trial
Are you?
I hope someone else will be able to help and I will copy your post to the Blood Cancer UK nurses @BloodCancerUK_Nurses
Look after yourself

Hi Erica
I’m not on it yet, it’s when my myeloma becomes active that I will start on it, hopefully not for a very long time
Thank you

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Very true @Paula1 hopefully not for a very long time, look after yourself

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Hello there @Paula1
Thank you for posting. Is there anything you particularly want to discuss around the trial? Our brilliant @ClinicalTrialsSupportService would be a resource for you around any Clinical Trials questions. You can also arrange an appointment with them here: Blood Cancer UK clinical trials support service referral | Blood Cancer UK
Here is some information around Clinical Trials and the service we have at Blood Cancer UK:
Clinical Trials | Blood Cancer UK
How do I take part in a clinical trial for blood cancer? | Blood Cancer UK
I do hope this helps and if you do want to give us a call please do: Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK
Kind regards