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Hello forum!

Question for you all! I’m supporting someone via our support services, and I’m trying to find some blogs or resources to support someone whose husband has lymphoma. She feels quite isolated, and I would love to be able to share some other perspectives to help her know she’s not alone. I’m coming up short though, and so I thought I’d ask and see if any of you write a blog like this, or have read others?

It would be so helpful if you could share, and I would then be able to share with others who contact the support services looking for that shared experience.

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Hi Dawn, yes, I think being a carer is one of the most isolating roles. I have found, in a different situation, that my whole life was put on hold and my mind and actions were completely focused on watching the other person and trying to anticipate and looking after their every need. So I lost all social interaction. If anyone came round to visit all they did was ask how the patient was, it was as if I was invisible and missed the patient and visitor interaction as I was the tea maker. On one occasion it was my birthday, which made me feel even more isolated and lonely, and a couple of very good friends came round bearing a lovely posh box of chocolates and my heart melted at the sight of the present which was handed to me and then before I could say anything they said the chocolates were for the patient. I was so tired and low that I felt completely crushed and It took me all my strength not to collapse into tears. In some places there are now ‘carer’ groups and if the carer can get away I have heard they can be very supportive. Again if the carer can get away a coffee and talk with good friends I found it can be really boosting, however even good friends will ask how the patient is first!!!

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Hi dawn
I have had a root round the internet and couldn’t find any suitable blogs, however I did find this video that I thought might be of some use.
Scroll down about half way and you will see the video, which I found quite uplifting.

Of course we are all here on the forum to support anyone no matter what the blood cancer, be they carer or patient. To me they are indivisible anyway.
Best wishes


Thanks Alfie for this video. I love your last sentence, hear, hear. For every one person receiving a diagnosis there are a large ripple of people affected to a greater or lesser degree. Thanks for your support.

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Thanks Alfie, I’ve recommended joining the forum and I hope they will. I suggested that page which I found very useful and I hope they do too. I know if they do join, they’ll be very welcomed :slight_smile:


That’s incredibly sad to hear Erica, I can imagine that’s so hard. Both people need caring for, just in different ways - I’m sorry that happened on your birthday!