Would anyone like to start a catchphrase message board using images for people to fit a phrase to?

Hi @anon06 I realise you are keen, which is really appreciated, but I am not sure about this idea. I am thinking about what the aims and objectives of the forum are.
I will copy your thought to Blood Cancer UK @BloodCancerUK-SupportTeam for their opinion.
Look after yourself


Interesting idea @anon06. Don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm but it would be far too technical for me. I wouldn’t know how to do it and I agree with @Erica that it’s a good idea to run it past the Support Services Team. Good to have you back @anon06. Sorry you’ve had a challenging time. Warm wishes Willow x


Was just an idea, people could make simple sketches as well eg matchstick men @Erica

Hi @anon06 I have referred this to Blood Cancer UK for a decision, give them time as it’s peak holiday season.
To be honest it is not something that interests me personally for our forum.

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