Change in blood results

Hi, my latest blood film results have reported ‘Neutrophils show left shift’

The rest of the fbc still seemed to be fairly normal and within range including wbc and neutrophils.

Just asking if anyone has had this with leukemia? As for anyone who has sen my previous posts, my bone pain continues and as such I remain worried.

Thanks Al

Hi @Red1, no, I haven’t heard of it with Leukaemia.
You still seem very concerned that you have got Leukaemia, perhaps you need to have a really open and honest talk with someone that you are dealing with medically to answer this question for you, for me I always find the not knowing is so scary, wearing and exhausting.
If you need to talk to someone you can talk to the support line, their details are above.
Take care.

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Hi Erica, thanks fir your reply.

You are right I am still very concerned, I have made an appointment to speak with a haematologist tomorrow evening privately so will lay out my concerns there.



I am glad you have an appointment tomorrow evening @Red1, I find it helpful to write down all my questions, including my fears, thoughts, feelings and symptoms so I really cover everything I want to.
Over the years I have learnt to really ask those follow up questions and make sure my point has been understood and I am happy with the responses. That is your time.
Take care and let us know how you get on.

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That’s good @Red1. Perhaps it will help once you’ve seen the haematologist. Have all of your questions ready. Let us know how you get on :blush:

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Let us know how the appointment goes @Red1 and we’re al hoping for sone reassuring news for you.