CLL and COVID-19 Webinars

Hello, these webinars, titled “Ask the Expert”, may be of interest to CLL patients. They are all from a site called Patient Power. Remember, as a US site, not all the information will apply in the UK.

Nonetheless, I think CLL patients will find the webinars informative. They cover Covid-19, as well as other CLL related topics. The next one is scheduled May 12, and by registering for free on the site it is possible to ask questions in advance.

I will not list all the recent webinars as you can find them at the above site and there is a lot of them! In each case you will find a video and a transcript. Here are just a few recent examples:

Coronavirus: Separating Fact From Fiction for CLL Patients [April 16]

How Will Coronavirus Affect CLL Treatment? [April 7]

Inquiring CLL Patients Want To Know… [April 17]

How Can CLL Patients Minimise Their Risk Of Exposure to Coronavirus [March 20]

Hope you find this helpful


Thanks @DavidAmbassador as a fellow CLL’er they are very useful.

@DavidAmbassador Hi David! it was so kind of you to share this on the forum and I hope it was helpful to people. Like you rightly say, David, it is important for people to keep in mind that this is from the US and not all of the information may apply. As always, we will be sure as a charity, to keep our websites and social media channels up to date with the most accurate information and relevant to people living in the UK. Thank you again David!

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