Clothing suitable for skin rashes and after Bone Marrow Transplant

Hi everyone, I’m currently waiting for BM transplant to address Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). I’m on necessary meds which is cause a bit of skin rashes, which i am controlling with cream and ointment. And likely I will be on the same meds again after transplant, so should probably expect the same.

I am aware that I will have to be cautious in the sun, as my skin will be fragiler (as I put it) and also it’s a chance of causing Graft-versus-host-disease. So already have proper hats, and some long sleeved tops.

I see mention on this forum of UV Clothing. Has anyone found any brands that worked well for them, specifically if they too had rashes on face, arms, etc caused by similar drugs?

I imagine they would be cotton-based. I also wonder about getting high-necked stuff to protect that area, but not really casual shirts in my preference.



Interesting @Catwithahat and I hope others can help you.
Your proper hats sound snazzy and I am sure you will be a dedicated follower of fashion.
I also have a range of hats as I have had skin cancer on my head and personally I go for cotton cover clothing.
I also wear good factor sun cream.
I attach a link to the Blood Cancer UK information on sun protection
Tips on keeping safe in the sun | Blood Cancer UK
I await hearing the experiences of others.


Hey there @Catwithahat, really sorry to read about those rashes. How literally irritating!

Although I don’t live with Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) or its complications, I do try to be careful in the sun as I’m now prone to skin cancers due to taking hydroxyurea every day for Polycythaemia vera (PV). I wear zinc-based sun lotion with SPF 30 or higher (Baby Bum does great stuff), a hat, sunglasses, neckerchief, and now I try to only wear UV-protective long-sleeved tops, especially on sunny days in summer during the midday sun.

UV-protective clothes tend to be sold at outdoorsy shops like Millets and are typically made from polyester but are very smooth and comfy like cotton, in my experience. For reference, REI in the US sells loads of UV-protective clothes, unsure if they ship to the UK but their range is great. Even Uniqlo sells UV-protective clothes so you might find them in other high street shops. Have a google. Hope this helps!