Conquering My Fears

I have had a fear of heights for some time - years to be exact. You would not expect someone like me to climb to the top of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and walk to the edge of where the Stadium Cockerel is, but i did just that, with the pictures to prove it. Next thing to do is the Rooftop Walk at the O2 Arena


Oh @Jbeaver12 I do admire you especially having a fear of heights, my stomach is turning over just looking at your photos.
Thank you and I await the 02 Arena photos in due course.
Look after yourself

I wont tell you how my stomach was . I was holding on like no tomorrow. Even the guide asked me several times if I was okay. I need more challenges.

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What an achievement!

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Well at least someone at the stadium got to the top :wink: