Covid vaccine %

I noticed today that the % of country vaccinated *2 included those aged 12+
I did not know they had actually started vaccinating 12+ year olds? I heard something about Pfizer for 12+, but I understood this was for usa residents.

Also has anyone here had the booster?
Is the amount of booster equivalent to one dose or two doses.

I think it is an absolute disgrace that all cancer patients have been promised to be invited for the booster by now, but some have still not been invited for it.

I think the health Secretary (an ex chancellor!? work that one out?!)
should realise that not everyone has the perfect immune system and that lifting all restrictions was irresponsible.

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Hi @anon06 I am sorry that I cannot answer your questions, I think that many of us agree with them though.
If you would like to talk to someone at Blood Cancer UK the support line details are above.
Please do let us know if you get any answers.
Look after yourself.

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Thanks for your reply

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Hi @anon06, hope you’re doing ok!? You might find this page of our website helpful, How to get a covid vaccine if you have blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK as it may help answer your questions regarding the third primary dose and the vaccine booster programme.

Regarding vaccination in children 12+ it explains -
The four Chief Medical Officers of the UK have recommended that all children aged 12 to 15 have one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
Previously, the vaccine was only available for children in this age group if they were immunosuppressed, or if they were a household contacts of someone immunosuppressed. Many children in these groups will already have received the vaccine.
The government says that the vaccine roll-out for 12 to 15s will take place in schools, starting by 22 September.

I’d also encourage you to read through our recent blog here - What should you do if you have blood cancer and cannot get a third Covid vaccine dose? | Blood Cancer UK

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