Diagnosed with NHL December 2018

Really glad everything went as planned @BedrockFred and that you managed to come up with a plan with your consultant! Thanks so much for the update! Take care and keep posting :slight_smile:


Good news @BedrockFred and it really seems that your hospital has thought through how best to treat/monitor/test you safely now and in the future. We sure are stronger together and staying safe is the most important thing we can do. Keep posting.


Well back from the hospital another round of Chemo maintenance done and everything went well, just the usual fatigue afterwards

Good experience in hospital well looked after as usual, my team ( like many others no doubt) are fantastic.

Consultant is trying to arrange a scan to see how things are going, I feel good so hopefully this disease is being kept at bay

I do follow all the advice from my team the one important one that really helps is drinking plenty of water really does flush out your system

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping positive, good luck all

As for the shielding being ended by the government and all these local spikes I am baffled as to why shielding has ended we are far from in the clear
Luckily I am retired but I do feel for those who are being forced back to work, seems to me the economy is more important to Boris
One big mistake that nobody should forget his his backing of Cummings and his trip up north and his day out at Barnard Castle and a stroll down by the river on his wife’s birthday, to “test his eyes” does he really think the British public are that gullible !!

I will take my advice from my consultant and team and they tell me to be very careful and don’t recommend me going into pubs or shops for a while yet

Stay safe everyone


Hi @BedrockFred, I’m so glad to hear your hospital have been so good. It’s makes me cross and sad when you read other people’s stories who have not been lucky enough to have the same quality of care or communication.
I have FLNHL (low grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and have just had a PET scan which showed no progression. My team always says that it will be me that tells them when it comes back through symptoms. I felt good before mine too. However, I always love the reassurance of a scan (I’m a bit of a scan addict :joy:)
Don’t get me started on shielding - it makes no sense and even less sense that in September I’ll be returning to work in a primary school, full of anxiety and worry. I’ll just have to see what happens and if I don’t feel safe I will
definitely say so! But like you, shops and pubs are out of the question at the moment!
How about you, how are you doing? Is there anything in particular you do that helps you to keep positive or supports you, especially during these strange and challenging times?
Please let us know how you go with your scan and how you are getting on x


Good luck going back to school hope it all goes well.
Lucky for me I am retired so don’t have that problem
I am still waiting for a scan, like you I love the security of a scan to show how things are going
My hospital and team I really couldn’t wish for better
Despite what Boris says I am shielding for a while yet the only thing I do is get out early and walk the dogs in the quiet country lanes around here

Good luck everyone and stay safe