Diet for CLL

Hi! I’ve just been reading the UK’s Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) Support Society’s ( introduction to Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) by Prof Chris Fegan who says re diet as follows:
“consuming foods with active bacteria or fungus in them. Foods containing live bacteria or fungus – some cheeses, yoghurts and organic foods/drinks – which are non-pasteurised should be avoided altogether.”
No medical person has ever mentioned this to me yet I daily go out of my way to consume probiotic supplements, yoghurt, fermented foods, different cheeses.
Is this really true? If so, why is it not advice given to all of us diagnosed with leukaemia and are there any other important dietary guidelines?

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Hi @Murdoch isn’t it difficult when different ’ experts’ have different opinions.
Prof Fegan is well respected and well known within the Blood Cancer field.
I was given the same advice by my surgery nurse many years ago.
I avoid non- pasteurised foods.
I eat nearly everything else in moderation and balance, but I do have the odd treats.
That’s my non medical response for what it is worth.
I hope others might be more help.
Look after yourself

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Thanks, Erica. It looks like we need to cut out a lot of favourites like feta, goat, Brie, Camembert and blue-veined cheeses that I love like Gorgonzola and things like kimchi and kefir, which are best unpasteurised as they contain gut-friendly probiotic bacteria. Also ditch the probiotic supplement capsules? What about soft boiled eggs? Anything else? Is this dietary requirement for those with leukaemia the same as that for pregnant mothers? What is the danger of consuming gut-friendly bacteria for those of us with immune system deficiencies? These bacteria are supposed to boost us not endanger us! If it’s important why have none of my haematology consultants or my GP or my nurses ever mentioned it? Is it featured somewhere in this organisation’s frontline advice? Quite a puzzle in my view.