Alkaline Diet

Hi All. I was just wondering whether anyone had tried the alkaline diet with their Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)? Someone at work mentioned that cancer cells don’t like an alkaline environment but thrive on glucose and acids so I should think about an alkaline diet. Just wondered if anyone had tried this or heard about it? Think I may struggle without my chocolate fix!!!


Hi @Pickle23 I personally (not a medical opinion) am very sceptical of an alkaline diet.
I am a great one for a balanced food types approach.
And yes, I do like my chocolate too.
Perhaps check it out with your specialist nurse, GP or consultant first.
I will copy this to the Blood Cancer UK nurses as well for you @BloodCancerUK_Nurses
I await others thoughts/experiences.
Look after yourself.


Hi @Pickle23,
I hope you’re okay today? I think your question is a good one as we often receive lots of questions around diet & nutrition impacting a persons blood cancer. It normal to wonder if we can do more to help our bodies cope better. A a general rule of thumb many clinicians would simply advise a healthy well balanced diet with all the good things in moderation. There is no one diet or food group that should be avoided.
Our webpage on living well with cancer talks through some aspects of diet- Blood cancer and eating well | Blood Cancer UK.

We understand that there have been some publications around sugars enhancing the growth of cancer cells. In case it’s of interest to you, this webpage talks more about the science behind this and is quite good at separating myth from truth- Sugar and cancer – what you need to know (
I do hope this is helpful & perhaps reassuring but please do know if you wish to talk things through our helpline is very much here for you- 0808 2080 888.

Best Wishes, Lauran


Hi @Pickle23 Did you check about an ‘alkaline diet’ with your medical team?
How are you doing now?
Look after yourself