Don't really know what I should be feeling?

This is very new for me. I have Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) found out in May. I’m doing ok, but not sure how it all works. What I would really like to know is: when your feeling a bit rubbish like having a tummy upset, does it take ages for you to feel brighter again. I don’t understand why I don’t feel better within a few days and why it takes so long to bounce back? Its left me feeling a bit rubbish and ended up with a cold sore which I haven’t had in years.


Hi @jackie . Have you talked this over with your medical team? They might be able to offer some sort of explabation. Everybody responds differently to treatment and their illness so there’s no exact science as to how long it will take people to bounce back. If you have any concerns though, do contact Blood Cancer UK’s support team and of course do check in with us here to let us know how you’re doing.


Hi @jackie I would like to welcome you to the forum and I am so glad you have found us.
@Franko has given you good advice.
Do you have any support from family and friends?
You are so right none of us are sure how it all works and as we are all unique individuals so there isn’t an answer to this and a question for your medical team as are your symptoms.
We are here for you and the important thing is that you really look after yourself.
Please keep posting and I look forward to hearing more about you.

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Hi @jackie, thank you for reaching out to our lovely forum community. As mentioned by some of the members we would recommend you speak to your treatment team so that they have the big picture of all the things you are experiencing. They may be able to shed some light on why your stomach upset is taking longer than usual to get better and maybe able to give some advice around how to help you manage how uncomfortable you maybe feeling.

If there is any further support we can provide please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support line.

Best Wishes

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